Seibert Studios Senior Portraiture 


Your high school senior year occurs once in a lifetime. Make your senior pictures memorable and like nothing else out there.

There is no rush during your shoot and gladly work with you until you get the exact shots that you want.

It's left up to you to make your shoot what you want it to be. Be traditional or be completely different, the choice is yours.

A variety of editing options are available to add artistic touches to your favorite shots.


When selecting your senior prints, you often don't want to be locked into certain sizes and print regulations. There are four simple package sizes, each offering a different amount of print units. This gives you much more control and flexibility over the prints that you order. 


A session fee of $150 is required the day of the shoot and then, when you are ready to order, you can select from the four packages below: 


BASIC = 50 units [$149]

STANDARD = 100 units [$249]

DELUXE = 150 units [$299]

DIGITAL ONLY* = [$199]


*DIGTAL package includes disc or USB drive with all images from the senior session(s). You are given digital rights to these images and can print/share as many as you'd like. 



Photographic Units**

16x20 - 30 units

11x14 -15 units

8x10 - 5 units

5x7 - 2 units 

4x6 - 1 unit

Wallets - 0.5 units


**These print units represent the most commonly ordered print sizes. Other print options are available (larger, square, etc), , if interested


To provide an example, lets say you were interested in the 'STANDARD' package. You could select any grouping of the print units above, like: 


(1) 11x14, (5) 8x10, (5) 5x7, and (100) wallets


Or let's say you don't need nearly as many wallets and wanted to focus on larger prints: 


(1) 16x20,  (3) 11x14, (3) 8x10, and (20) wallets


You're free to select any combination of prints/poses you'd like based on your units. 
Additional units can be purchased at $4/unit. 


The Senior Session includes the following:


1. Two location shoot (1 outside/1 studio)***

2. Complete editing of all images including blemish removal on all selected prints

3.  Online gallery (with password) for viewing complete senior session(s)

4. Free sharing of watermarked images on Facebook or other social media sites


Note: Blemish removal applied only to print orders, if ordering digital package, images will include all professional edits besides blemish removal

***You can choose to have one, longer shoot if desired (if you'd rather not be in studio, for example) or you can add an additional shoot day at $75/day


What to expect during and after your shoot and how to prepare: 

  • Generally your entire shoot will last between 2 and 3 hours, this includes the outdoor and studio session.
  • Feel free to consult with photographer via phone or email for clothing/prop suggestions or for seasonal shoot advice. 
  • Props, pets and anything else you'd like to bring are welcomed, but remember oftentimes 'less is more.' If there are 30 items in a picture, we lose the main focus of the shot, YOU. 
  • Clothing changes are up to you. You can change into whatever you'd like during the shoot, but generally around 3 changes (or fewer) works best. This allows us to spend more time focusing on getting great shots rather than time in the dressing room. It's also suggested that the more 'formal' looking outfits are shot in studio and the more comfortable, fun outfits are shot outside 
  • In about 2 weeks, your shoot(s) will be uploaded for proofing. This is all online and takes place on your schedule 
  • If desired, you may schedule a time to sit down to go over ordering with the photographer. This allows you to discuss any edits you'd like as well allowing you have a better representation of what prints will look like on our color calibrated monitors
  • Print turnaround is very fast. Usually you can have prints, in hand, in less than 2 weeks after placing your order. Special rush accommodations can be made in certain situations as well 
  • Finally, at no additional charge, a photo for your yearbook will be emailed at your request